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Memoir Reflects on Torture

April 5, 2010

The Ticking is the Bomb

Another observer of the Istanbul and Amman interviews with detainees from Abu Ghraib (see previous post about artist Daniel Heyman), is writer Nick Flynn, who writes movingly about the impact of the experience in his memoir, The Ticking is the Bomb.

“I’ve come to believe that the function of torture in our society is not about getting information, in spite of what we might want to believe. It is merely about power. It tells the world that there is now no limit to what we will do when we feel threatened. 
        “That it is ineffective in gathering information, that it is actually counterproductive in making us any safer, has been clearly documented, it’s been known for years. That the box has been opened, and that the use of torture continues, now legally, suggests that it has become, for us, a mystical symbol, no less based on superstition than carving a crescent into a stick.”

…and the real message that we are sending to the rest of the world is that we are very scared.

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