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Notes from the field, 7-5-2010

July 8, 2010

Notes from the Field: July 5, 2010

Human Rights First

HRF’s report, “Denial and Delay” was cited in a recent New York Review of Books article, Treating Refugees as ‘Terrorists, to explain how current laws and legal interpretations regarding “material support” to “terrorism” result in many innocent refugees and asylum seekers, themselves victims of violence or repression, being stuck in limbo or denied entry to the United States. The Refugee Protection Act of 2010 would address many of the problems with current laws and policies. Visit HRF’s site to join in their campaign for legislative approval of the Act, or download the full study in PDF format.

California Consortium of Torture Treatment Centers

CCTTC is an informal network of eight torture treatment programs in California. Check out the Consortium’s Facebook Page. Its members are: 

The Refugee Therapy Centre (London)

Academic Opportunity: A recent newsletter of the International Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims noted that the Refugee Therapy Center, based in London is offering an introductory course on counseling for people who want to learn about working with refugees and asylum seekers. The course will take place from October 2010 to July 2011, and the application deadline is August 3, 2010. It “offers an opportunity to use your own experiences to help others. RTC is looking for both refugees and asylum-seekers from diverse backgrounds as well as those who are working with refugees and asylum seekers to share their experiences and learn from each other.” Degree programs are also available from the Centre.

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