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Good Friday Protest

April 24, 2011

Crucifixion is a Stress Position…

I just wanted to pass along this photo of and statement by activist Susan McLucas. I received it via ACT-MA, a greater-Boston announcements  list  which other folks in the area may want to know about. 

I stood out in Davis Square, Somerville, Massachusetts, on Good Friday for half an hour, holding a crucifixion position (as much of the time as I could, which was most of it) with signs pleading for the closing of Guantánamo…
            We often think that things have gotten more civilized since the time of the crucifixion and that we no longer do things like that.  But it’s just out in the open that we don’t do them anymore.  Our torture is hidden away in secret detention centers, many of which are still open today. 
            Obama has continued Bush administration policies of claiming the right to hold some people without charging or trying them, even though most of us thought that we got the right to challenge our detention in the Magna Carta, and we were hoping that habeas corpus still applied…
            I held my arms out till they hurt and I couldn’t do it anymore…I had the luxury, compared to detainees, to decide when I couldn’t do it anymore.  My shoulders are sore this morning, but I’m basically fine. The detainees are not.
                                                                                     — Susan McLucas

As physician/author Steve Miles (Oath Betrayed) said to us when we interviewed him for our film, Refuge: Caring for Survivors of Torture: “They talk about stress positions, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation. These techniques are not particularly new; they’ve all been done for thousands of years. Crucifixion is a stress position.”

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