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New Resources: 4-25-2011

April 25, 2011

Wikileaks Files on Guantanamo Released 

Top of the list for today has to be the New York Times’ coverage and analysis of the latest Wikileaks release: more than 700 classified military documents on our prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. If you’ve got online access to the Times under its new pay-to-read policy, here’s the link to the lead article by Charles Savage, William Glaberson and Lehren, plus some background, and the government response.
            In case the Times is not an option, the files were delivered to several media outlets, so there should be coverage from a variety of sources, as well as no end of anaylsis. The already growing Wikipedia page on the leaked files may be as good a place to start as any.

“Beyond Borders” Photos
on Display in Berkeley

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out David Bacon’s photo show, Beyond Borders, at the Addison Street Windows Gallery in Berkeley’s downtown Arts District (2018 Addison Street, between Milvia Street and Shattuck) through May 31, 2011. You can meet the photographer at the Gallery on Thursday, May 12, 6-8 PM.
            David Bacon is a terrific documentary photographer and writer whose work – much of it anyway – focuses on issues related to migration and the creation of “transnational communities.” His book, Illegal People – How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants, received the C.L.R. James Award for best book of 2007-2008. You can see a little of his work in the “Image Gallery” section of our website.
            Beyond Borders is part of a larger project, Living Under the Trees, in which Bacon, over the last decade, has documented communities of indigenous migrants fromMexico who are now living in rural California towns and working in the fields.  The project contains thousands of images, many of which have been exhibited nationally.  The Beyond Borders show contains 29 large digital color prints from this collection.
           According to the announcement, the show is free and wheelchair accessible, and can be viewed 24 hours a day from the sidewalk. For more information contact David Bacon or the show’s coordinator, Greg Morozumi.

(If ordering books discussed in this blog from Amazon, please consider doing so through our website, which will help to support the work of The Refuge Media Project. Click on the title above to be redirected to our site.)

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